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Helping you create a beautifully considered home

An extraordinary amount of thought goes into Farrow & Ball's curated palette and easy-to-use neutral groups, from refining each shade to dreaming up distinctive names. Deepening from subtle neutrals to dark inky hues, their collection is intelligently designed to ensure the colours you choose sit effortlessly alone or as a scheme.


Formulating lasting finishes with an absorbing depth of colour

Farrow & Ball paint is blended with only the highest quality ingredients and richest pigment levels to closely guarded formulations. It's what gives their hues an unmatchable depth and exceptional coverage.

Whether you're looking to recreate their signature chalky look in your bedroom, add a durable mid sheen to kitchen cabinetry or brighten your front door with a striking gloss, the Farrow & Ball palette is available in a full range of interior and exterior finishes. 


Handcrafted to order in Dorset, England

Farrow & Ball's expert craftsmen are dedicated to creating their paint and paper in Dorset, with many long-standing members of the team and others spanning generations. Together, they combine artisanal methods with technological precision to pioneer their craft.

From the engraved patterns of their wallpaper printing blocks to the careful sourcing of ingredients and scrupulous testing of their finishes, their exacting standards, knowledge and passion underpin each tin and every roll of Farrow & Ball 



Bringing your walls to life, both inside and out

Farrow & Ball paint and paper bring homes to life, whether through the richness of colour, play of light or tactility of finish. With a complex blend of pigments, the same paint colour can feel bright in the morning sun, warm in the afternoon light or cocooning as dusk falls


Available in a full range of high-performance

interior and exterior finishes

High levels of titanium oxide give Farrow & Ball paint exceptional durability and coverage in just two coats. This bright white pigment refracts light beautifully back into your room, giving the depth of colour that Farrow & Ball is known for.

As one of the first to offer a 100% water based range, Farrow and Ball paints are low odour, eco-friendly and safe to use in every room in your home. A water base ensures their paint is easy to apply and dries in just two hours - simply was brushes with warm soapy water after use.

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